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Okay I know I haven't been on in such a long time, but that is what happens when you're brain is too confused with so called life. Sometimes I feel dead to the world. Been busier than ever, but not with work sadly. I have a piful job of taking care of an neighbor's trash and only getting paid every week. Yes $25 a week is good money to me right now. It is better than nothing, at least until I can find a job. -_- Hopefully animal service kicks in again. Let's see. Just having to deal with lots of drama and hardly any leasure internet time. House work and so much of it. I feel like I am going to lose my mind at times. So many things I have put off, amvs, fanfiction, video games etc... because of unusual circumstances. Looking for a kitten for my senior siamese because the younger one was stolen *cough* oh okay it wasn't really our cat and we were taking care of him, but still why should a poor kitty go back to a smoking enviroment, the last thing it needs is asthma. Yes even kitties can get poor repulostory problems at an early age. He was so much happier at a bigger house, and not skittish anymore and my female siamese is still miserable without him. Always crying, being moody, and biting at her leg or ear and making it bleed. So it is has been a hellish NIGHTMARE looking for a kitten to make her happy. The problem is it has to be an siamese. Another thing I will never understand. Local people for craiglist saying they have kittens and want them gone leave their cell phone number, but never answer them. What the fuck? If you want to get rid of your kittens answer your DAMN phone. What kind of IDIOTS would leave you hanging like that?

On the lighter side, I can't wait until BBS comes out, even though I have seen the spoilers I feel there is still more loose ends than ever. Hopefully the creators makes another prequel of it because he left alot of characters out. Occasionally Been watching random kinds of anime and other various things. Ouran High School Host Club cracks me up and is hilarious.


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