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Been gone such a long freaking time, but I have found my way back. I have been on hiatus not by choice, but forced in a way. I am surprised I was still able to post, but I am guessing that live journal is universal.

Saw alot of people in colorful costumes and it was nice to see old friends and hang out, and explore and such. Dined with suicide slurpees, but no frapicinos which I which I had. I missed the Nintendo gathering and among other ones, but I managed to catch the yugioh one.

Met alot of great people at AX, but the Kingdom Hearts Gathering could of been better if they allowed more yaoi. There was even heartless yaoi and female and male heartless and I think it was bias because they only had Akuroku yaio there, fan stuff by the way but I think Akudemy is great as well. There wasn't a Demyx at the gathering except a halloween version Demyx, but almost all of the other organization members showed up except Larxene. Which is sad because I know there are Larxene cosplayers out there and there are good ones. Don't even have a clue if Xaldin showed up or not, but it seems that even the fans there most don't really remember Axel's somebody Lea. Majority of them thought he was Axel. I was in shock and can't believe that many people haven't played Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. They all knew who Terra, Ven, and Aqua were. Isa didn't show up either, but Ienzo and Even did. Whatever.

Then I lose my sunglass phleather case on the last day of the con, but I think someone stole it while I was posing with Kingdom Heart cosplayers because it wasn't in my bag when I put it down. Yes, someone diliberty STOLE it out of my bag. It had other things in it, but still it was a DAMN fucking sunglass case! Why even bother. On top of that some idiot crashed into me and probably corrupted my dsi camara data which I havne't been able to check yet.

Either way I hope Comic Con is alot better with no drama and hopefully the roommates don't cause any drama this year unlike last year at AX where I missed all of my gatherings.



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