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firemage8's Journal

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I've enjoyed learning about computer graphics and using photoshop even though I don't have the programs yet. I have a part time job that has cut back my hours in a grocery store, but I am making due since my hours are flexible, but it is hard since I am a college student and trying to get an degree in computer graphics or something along those lines . I am a very easy going person who is shy, very patient, but not judgmental and can be trusted and am friendly. I also like to help people with problems if I can and very knowledgeable with certain programs on computers. I have uniques interests and don't care what other people think of them. I love to experiment and am open minded with learning new things.

I am also a big fan of Organization xiii and particular Axel who is a really cool character and uniques in his own way while I still like Demyx as well.

Will update more info later.